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Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation claims are on the rise. Claims are filed for nonexistent injuries; injury documentation reports are falsified; and employees often work “under the table” for cash while collecting workers’ compensation. As with all types of insurance fraud cases, workers’ compensation fraud is often characterized by an injury or an incident that is entirely fictitious.

Red Flags Of Workers' Compensation Fraud Are:

  • Claimant is disgruntled, soon to retire or facing a layoff.
  • Claimant is involved in seasonal work that is about to end.
  • Claimant took unexplained or excessive time off prior to injury.
  • Claimant is new on the job.
  • Claimant is experiencing financial difficulties.
  • Calls to claimant are never answered or answered by spouse/relative.
  • Calls to claimant have strange or unexpected background noise that may not be at a residence.
  • Claimant cancels or changes medical appointments.

One major obstacle to prosecuting workers compensation fraud cases is the lack of evidence to show intent to defraud. Surveillance on the claimant can help obtain the evidence needed for these cases. If you suspect a false claim by an employee, a surveillance can either prove your suspicions correct or give you peace of mind.

Why Is A Surveillance Necessary

  • To observe the claimant's daily routine.
  • To observe if the injury of the claimant is accurate with claims.
  • To obtain video/photos of activities of the claimant.
  • To determine if the claimant is living within financial means of salary.
  • To obtain the evidence needed to show fraud.
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